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Yes we do laundry service. Buildwork also providing laundry service with reasonable price with best quality service. 

Builwork specializes in fast-turn around premium quality commercial laundry services:​

  • Hotels Lines

  • Hospitals Bedding and Gowns

  • On-Site Laundry Facilities for Residential Developments

  • Uniforms

  • And much more

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Reduction in fixed costs:  
The saving on capital expenditure frees up cash flow, easing financial pressures during off peak times. It will also make the business look more attractive to investors which could facilitate further expansion plan to the facilities. 


Focus on your core business:
Whether you are an owner or manager, it is easily to feel overloaded with tasks across the various functions of the facility. Outsourcing allows you to focus more on the customer and motivating staff to provide a first class customer service. 


Savings on utilities:
Under capacity loads and under trained staff can result in inefficient use of electricity from in-house laundry services. 


Improved quality:
It can be difficult to motivate and retain in-house laundry staff due to the monotonous of the role.  Training and experience is also required in order to ensure pristine laundry services, and this is not always easily available. By outsourcing you can access a professionally trained team, all focused on delivering high quality services.


Accurate budgeting & streamlined business operations:
Many businesses may be seasonal, by outsourcing you can budget ahead and streamline business operations allowing you to be more flexible to change.

Benefit to outsource your laundry


Types of Laundry Service:


Wash & Fold

Laundry Service in Ho Chi Minh

Wash, Iron & Fold

Laundry Service in Ho Chi Minh

Dry Cleaning

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