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Outsource Property Management ?

Utilizing Builwork as your property management solution provider will save valuable time for your management team, and also ensure the facilities remain efficient, pristine, safe, and operating smoothly.

Builwork can manage every aspect of the property to ensure the operations run smoothly, this is also applicable as asset management in which the landlord employs Builwork to manage the property as a real estate investment, managing income, overheads and operations. Outsourcing individual aspects of the Building Maintenance to different companies can lead to inconsistent levels of service quality and a lack of accountability. Employing Builwork as the property management company eliminates this critical issue.

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Property Management

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Asset Management

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Building Management

You and your management team can focus your time and attention towards operating the business. Property Management is time consuming, and requires a lot of intervention from multiple tiers of management to ensure consistency, efficiency, quality and performance. Time must also be allocated towards training, certification, staff turnover and other factors, which can ultimately lead to reduced efficiency and management headaches for businesses and landlords.

Builwork is a  Japanese, world-class property management and building maintenance company, with its head office located in Sendai, Japan, and operations concentrated in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore, and is expanding into Malaysia and Indonesia in 2019.

Builwork specializes in property management, this is what we do and have been doing since 1960. Builwork’s vision is, and always has been, to provide the highest standards of property management and building maintenance to its customers. With the execution of its vision, Builwork has an exceptional track record of client satisfaction and renewals of service agreements and is providing property management and building maintenance solutions to over 1,000 clients delivered by our over 1,800 of our highly trained employees.


A good property management company does more than just the performance of its obligations and delivery of its services, a good property management company  eliminates all of the headaches associated with management and maintenance of the property, adopting a multi-tier management system for efficient quality control and self supervision, and utilizes its expertise to keep facilities operating efficiently and smoothly without requiring the clients intervention or distracting the clients attention.


Japanese standards of service are extremely high, with little or no room for error. This has empowered our company to always deliver above and beyond the expectations of our valuable clients, and replicate this model throughout South East Asia, where this high level of integrity and service has proven very popular with our clients and consumers our service!