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Builwork has a proven track record with satisfied clients, and in 2017, achieved revenue in Japan and Cambodia in excess of $70 million USD.

Builwork is an ethical company, committed to providing equal opportunities, fair practices and a non-discrimination policy throughout its group.

Builwork is a committed to providing equal and fair employment opportunities and boosting the welfare of local employees.

Builwork has gained a solid reputation throughout Asia for providing only the best Japanese high quality  of service and care.

Builwork is a responsible, professional and reliable company.

Builwork is renowned for providing good property management and building maintenance services, which are proven to increase and uphold the value and integrity of the property, as well as the satisfaction of the property’s owners and occupants.

Our goal has always been to provide a complete, rounded service with the greatest attention to every detail to provide a unique, wholesome environment and a memorable experience, which is also the foundation of our “Comewell” philosophy.

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