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Builwork is a  Japanese, world-class property management and building maintenance company, with its head office located in Sendai, Japan, and operations concentrated in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore, and is expanding into Malaysia and Indonesia in 2019.


All of our clients are treated as VIPs, and our clients safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Builwork’s vision is, and always has been, to provide the highest standards of property management and building maintenance to its customers. With the execution of its vision, Builwork has an exceptional track record of client satisfaction and renewals of service agreements and is providing property management and building maintenance solutions to over 1,000 clients delivered by our over 2,000 of our highly trained employees.

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A good property management company does more than just the performance of its obligations and delivery of its services, a good property management company  eliminates all of the headaches associated with management and maintenance of the property, adopting a multi-tier management system for efficient quality control and self supervision, and utilizes its expertise to keep facilities operating efficiently and smoothly without requiring the clients intervention or distracting the clients attention

Japanese standards of service are extremely high, with little or no room for error.


This has empowered our company to always deliver above and beyond the expectations of our valuable clients, and replicate this model throughout South East Asia, where this high level of integrity and service has proven very popular with our clients!


  • 1960      Founded

  • 1982      Company Renamed to BUILWORK, Inc.

  • 1994      Head Office Relocated to Kano, Taihaku-ku, Sendai

  • 1996      Acquired hospital cleaning certification and medical-related service mark

  • 2001      Increased capitalization to 20,000000 JPY

  • 2003      Obtained ISO9001 Certification 

  • 2005     - Head Office Relocated to Yagyu, Taihaku-ku, Sendai City​​​​​ 
                   - Obtained ISO14001 Certification​​​​​   

  • 2006      Acquired Medical Services Certification

  • 2008     - Established Ryokan Hot Springs " The BANJI YA "                    
                   - Opened Osaki Sales Office

  • 2009     - Incorporated TKP Properties Co., Ltd ( TKP and Building Joint venture, 
                     with its head office in Tokyo )
                  - Opened Kawasaki Sales Office
                  - Opened Yokohama Sales Office

  • 2011      Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami

  • 2012     - Opened Osaka Sale Office
                   - Incorporated BUILWORK GlOBAL CO,. Ltd. in Cambodia
                   - Acquired IOS27001 ( ISMS ) certification

  • 2013     - Opened Tokyo Sales Office

  • 2014     - Merger of Osaki General Service Co., Ltd. and nursing care service and                                       increased capitalization to 45,000,000 JPY.

  • 2016     - Opened Sapporo Sales Office
                   - FUJI Building Management Co., Ltd. ( Head office Tokyo ) incorporated into
                     the company through a merger and acquisition
                  - Incorporation of BUILWORK VIETNAM Co., Ltd

  • 2017    - Opened Nagoya Sale Office
                  - Head office relocated to new location in Sendai, Japan

  • 2018    - BUILWORK HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. established in Sendai, Japan
                  - BUILWORK CAPITAL Co., established in Sendai, Japan
                  - Changed the company name of Builwork Inc. to BUILWORK JAPAN Co., Ltd.

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