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Window Cleaning

A Better View Of Quality Service.

A Bright Window Is A Right Window.

A Spotless Reputation.

YES ! We DO Window Cleaning

  • Commercial Window Cleaning

  • High-Rise Window Cleaning

  • Indoor Window Cleaning

  • Office Window Cleaning

  • Skylight Cleaning

  • Store Front and Showroom Cleaning

  • Large glass panels, window and door washing

  • New Constructions Clean Up


Why choose Builwork 

as your Window cleaner ?

  • Safety : Safety First! Our window cleaners use specialist safety equipment and must pass our extensive training to ensure their own and nearby individuals safety.


  • Credibility : Builwork was established in 1960 and has over 1,000 satisfied clients throughout Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. 


  • Quality : Builwork window cleaners are trained in accordance with Japanese-International standards to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end results.


  • Efficiency : Our window cleaners are full time specialists, which means they have a wealth of experience solely focusing on glass cleaning and restoration, which improves speed of operation and quality of results.​

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Window cleaning is a delicate process that requires training and skill to ensure the operation completed well and efficiently. High-rise window cleaning requires strict health and safety certification and specialist equipment to ensure the safety of the operatives and individuals nearby.  Operatives must also be insured against injury.

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