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Pest Control

Preventative pest control is an essential component of ongoing property maintenance, and one that is unfortunately too often overlooked. Best Pest control Service in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

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Proactive prevention and cure of pests is fundamental to maintaining the safety and comfort of a property.


We apply pest control methods for our clients on a regular basis, typically once or twice a month, depending on the type of facility, which prevents pest problems from escalating into infestations.


Smaller pests often attract larger pests, for example, a rat infestation would attract unwanted snakes and reptiles to the property, so it is important to identify and destroy the root cause of the problem.

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Builwork prevents and exterminates

Pests such as mosquitoes and rats are not only a nuisance  but they also carry infectious diseases, which can cause serious contamination and health and safety threats. Termites feast on structures and fixtures, which can incur costly and sometimes fatal damages, sometimes fatal if left untreated. This is why regular fumigation and applications of pest control is always the best option to ensure the safety and comfort of the property and its occupants. 

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