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Mr. Taka


COO of Builwork Vietnam

COO of Builwork Singapore

Mr. Laurence Hamilton of the United Kingdom, is the Chief Operating Officer of Builwork Vietnam and Builwork Holdings’ operations in South East Asia. He is in charge of the day to day management at Builwork, as well as business development and strategic planning, policy & regulations and all general management of the company. Mr. Hamilton works closely with Builwork’s head office in Japan to maximize the replication of the high quality service provided in Japan and the UK.

Mr. Hamilton has a background in Real Estate and Facility Management, with a decades’ experience throughout Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. His main focus to achieving success is to utilize critical thinking techniques and finding dynamic, innovative solutions to any matters that arise on a day to day basis, as well as planning preventative measures. Mr. Hamilton has a keen eye for detail and is a perfectionist in his expectation for quality. This fits in well with the values of Builwork, which is to be the highest quality cleaning and property management service provider in Vietnam!

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