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Mr. Taka
Mt.Fuji in the Distance

Mr. Takamitsu Nosho

COO of Builwork Holdings [Japan]

CEO of Builwork Capital [Japan]

CEO FUJI Building Management [Japan]

General Director TKP Properties  [Japan]

Founder and CEO of Builwork Global [International]

Founder and CEO Builwork Vietnam

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Mr. Takamitsu Nosho, COO of Builwork Holdings, has dedicated the majority of his entire working life implementing Builwork’s vision of providing only the highest standards of property management that can be found anywhere in the world, with no room for error.  Mr. Nosho upholds very high standards, and has built up a vast network of long established customers, who are all very satisfied with Mr. Nosho’s attention to detail. Mr. Nosho is currently expanding Builwork’s operations throughout South East Asia.

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