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Disinfection and PCR Test Service

* Prevents the spread of new coronavirus infection.


Safe and reliable sterilization and disinfection work based
on the specialized knowledge of our doctors.

We perform reliable sterilization and disinfection of viruses based on our 60-year-old building maintenance know-how and medical consulting know-how. From the results of hygiene management of various buildings centered on hospitals, hotels, and public facilities, we can quickly predict and understand the location of virus attachment, and determine the characteristics of bacteria and viruses from our specialized knowledge in a short time and effectively. Do work.
In addition, the industry's first "equipment PCR inspection" visualizes residual viruses and

supports the prompt resumption of business.

In addition, we are fully equipped with a "visit recovery PCR test" in which our clinical laboratory technicians visit your office or store. We provide one-stop and speedy support from advice on infection prevention to after-sales follow-up.



Sterilization / disinfection

Preventive sterilization / disinfection
Post-disinfection / disinfection

We will help you to come to the hospital / store, stay, commute to work / school safely and securely. We respond to a wide range of customer requests, from regular "preventive sterilization / disinfection" to prevent infection to "post-mortem sterilization / disinfection" when an infected person occurs. In particular, in the event of an emergency when an infected person occurs, we will accompany you until the business resumes in the shortest number of days.



PCR test

Equipment PCR test
Visit recovery PCR test

After sterilization and disinfection work, we will perform "equipment PCR inspection" to determine residual virus and visualize the effect of sterilization and disinfection. In addition, we are fully equipped with "visit recovery PCR test" for those who are infected or suspected of being infected. You can receive a one-stop PCR test at the office without going to a medical institution.

Three Peace of mind that Billwork Japan promises

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Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
In order to avoid information leakage, including the content of inquiries from customers, we will make a connection between our company and the customer.

Preliminary survey
Based on our specialized knowledge, we will conduct work on the day of work speedily and efficiently by investigating the specific amount of work in the event of an infection in advance.




Careful disinfection
Corrosion of equipment is also taken into consideration by disinfection using "sodium hypochlorite", "hypochlorous acid water" and "surfactant" evaluated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Reliable on-site work with a sense of speed
Based on the results of the "preliminary survey" conducted in advance, we carry out efficient and reliable disinfection work without waste under the safety system supervised by a doctor specializing in infection. We will cooperate in resuming business in the shortest number of days.




Visit recovery PCR test
A clinical laboratory technician belonging to our company visits the customer's office and collects the sample (saliva). Since the judgment result is reported from the partner testing center, you can take the PCR test without going to a medical institution.
* Usually 1-2 business days from visit to report of judgment result

Handling of infection control related products
In addition to disinfectants and various face shields, we also handle non-contact thermometers.

By conducting a field survey in advance, the time to
reopen business is "shortest"
the time to

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Contact Us

Field survey

Sterilization / disinfection

Safety inspection

After-sales support

1-2 days

1-2 days

Conclude a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on that day

Investigate the amount of work based on specialized knowledge

Establishing a safety system by an infection specialist doctor

Submit a report of equipment PCR inspection by the inspection center

Supports home-visit recovery PCR tests, etc.

 shortest day

  • Three features of Builwork Japan


Feature .01

Response to viruses with the expertise of medical consultants

The latest information can be obtained through consulting results specializing in hospital clinical examinations and collaboration with domestic and overseas manufacturers and related organizations.


Feature .02

Extensive track record of building management

Utilizing our experience in cleaning and managing hospitals, hotels, commercial facilities, etc., we carry out efficient and reliable operations in line with each site.


Feature .03

After-sales follow-up is perfect with home-visit collection PRC inspection

Our clinical laboratory technicians visit our offices and collect samples (saliva) to support PCR tests. You can take the test without going to a medical institution.

  • Work scenery

In addition to disinfecting and disinfecting sprays throughout the building, we also clean equipment.

  • Disinfection-related products also handling of we


Rubbing alcohol for fingers


Various face shields


Non-contact thermometer

* This is an example. Please contact us for more information.

  • Service overview


Miyagi prefecture

Sendai City, Ishinomaki City, Shiogama City, Kesennuma City, Shiraishi City, Natori City, Kakuda City, Tagajo City, Iwanuma City, Tomai City, Kurihara City, Higashi Matsushima City, Osaki City, Tomiya City, Zao Town, Nanagajuku Town, Dai Kawasaki Town, Murata Town, Shibata Town, Kawasaki Town, Marumori Town, Watari Town, Yamamoto Town, Matsushima Town, Nanagahama Town, Rifu Town, Yamato Town, Osato Town, Ohira Village, Onagawa Town, Kami Town, Tomiya Town, Misato Town, Onagawa Town, Minami Sanriku Town

  • In addition to the 6 prefectures of Yamagata, Fukushima, Aomori, Iwate, and Akita, the Sapporo area is also available, so please contact us for details.

  • Contact us:


Chlorine-based chemicals and alcohols recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, other disinfectants, etc.


Spraying / cleaning (equipment, etc.)

Less than 100m 2

Working area (m 2 ) x @ 1,100-1,300 yen

100m 2 or more

Working area (m 2 ) x @ 1,200-1,400 yen

  • The above unit price is a guide, so it may change depending on the situation at the site.

Target facility

Hospitals / clinics, facilities for the elderly, hotels / inns, general offices, schools, public facilities, etc.

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